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  • ✈️ Flight Policy
    Participants can use their full $2500 Unleash+ to purchase flights (use the "X-Team Events" category). We highly recommend using U+ to pay for flights as there are no refunds for cancellations
  • 🛂 Travel Documents
    Ensure you check the website of your country's embassy at each desired destination for the latest information on required travel documents When purchasing flights, avoid connections in countries requiring visas you do not possess
  • ⭐ Sponsored Outposts
    X-Team covers accommodation and special activities (aka "EPIC") for X-Teamers - Each X-Teamer can pick TWO destinations to enjoy this benefit, for the additional destinations, those expenses will be deducted via Unleash+
  • ❓ What is paid for?
    X-Team covers accommodation and special activities (aka "EPIC"), for X-Teamers. Each X-Teamer can pick two destinations to enjoy this benefit
  • 👯 Guests
    • Expenses for guest accommodation and special activities are deducted via Unleash+. Upon signing up, a deposit will be deducted from your U+ balance (amount per guest: $100 if you opted for Private Accommodation / $500 for X-Accommodation). After the Outpost, you will receive a refund of the remaining balance • X-Teamers may travel with up to 3 guests • The X-Accommodation option is unavailable for those traveling with 2 or 3 guests
  • 🏠 Accommodation
    You can choose between two options: 1) PRIVATE ACCOMMODATION • You are in charge of booking your accommodation • A week after the Outpost, the average amount spent per person on the X-Accommodation will be added to your Unleash+ 2) X-ACCOMMODATION • You trust X-Team to book for you the best accommodation possible • Shared bedrooms with single beds (except for couples) • Not available for X-Teamers not staying for the entire Outpost period or for those traveling with 2/3 guests • The accommodation details (address, roomlist...) is shared latest a week prior to the Outpost • It's required to submit flights in advance➡️🔗
  • ❓ Can I participate in more than one outpost?
    Absolutely! There is no limit to the number of outposts you can participate in. Please keep in mind that X-Team covers X-Teamer's accommodation and special activities expenses for TWO destinations of your choice - For additional destinations, the amount will be deducted via Unleash+
  • ❓ Can I travel with kids?
    Absolutely! There is no age restriction for guests
  • 📅 Deadlines
    Those interested in staying at the X-Accommodation must sign up🔗 and submit their flights🔗 by the following dates: Bariloche ARG Submit by Jan/07 Lisbon POR Submit by Jan/14 Queenstown NZL Submit by Feb/18 Kyoto JPN Submit by Mar/03 Tenerife SPA Submit by Mar/10 Pipa BRA Submit by May/26 For those considering booking Private Accommodation, there are no set deadlines
  • ❓ Can I use my Unleash+ to pay for my extra expenses?
    Absolutely! You can use the Unleash+ X-Team Events category to redeem any travel expenses like: flights, food, travel insurance, ground transportation, guest's expenses, etc...
  • ❓ Is it mandatory to participate in all activities?
    No, all activities are optional
  • 👣 Outpost Journey
    1) Sign up 2) After a few days, we'll add you to the Outpost destination's slack channel, where you'll receive all event updates. Ensure to read the pinned messages upon being added 3) Review the necessary travel documents and book your flights. If you've chosen the X-Accommodation, submit your flights here ➡️🔗 4) A month prior the Outpost, we'll announce the X-Accommodation location, collect activities suggestions, and share the cost per person (which is the amount those who opted for Private Accommodation will receive) 5) A week prior the Outpost, we'll announce the epic activity, and the schedule of activities with the participants suggestions. 6) Travel and have fun!


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